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Who are we?

FOCUSon40™ is brought to you by the “The FOCUSon Group, llc.”. The FOCUSon Group is dedicated to bringing you advanced "age specific nutrition". Age based nutrition has been a sorely missed segment in the sport supplement arena.

We are a group of sports minded individuals that have noticed a lack of "Age defined" sport nutritional products on the market for sport enthusiasts. Unfortunately we are no longer 18 years old but we have the products to make the difference.

At The FOCUSon Group, LLC. we specialize in creating products for specific age groups and lifestyles. We are composed of off road bikers, power lifters, martial artists, exercise enthusiasts and more. We have found our bodies do not recover as they did many years ago. Working with scientists and sport nutrition companies we have formulated a product that allows us to have and maintain our energy while addressing the concerns of advanced sport enthusiasts.

Synergy is the story

FOCUSon40™ was created out of necessity to fill a specific need. When I was in my late thirties I began to notice that my exercise volume and intensity began to slowly decline. Now that I am in my forties I can see the natural changes that take place as we age, regardless of exercise. The metabolism slows down, fat deposits begin around the middle and the years of exercise and sport begin to catch up.

I started building my own “Stack” to overcome some of these challenges as we age. My stack began with protein powder as the base. Protein is extremely important for muscle creation and retention. To the stack I would purchase separate ingredients such as creatine and glucosamine/chondroitin. I started feeling better and more energetic after a few weeks.

In an effort to improve the mix I began to experiment with different doses and ingredients. Antioxidants were added with Omega 3 fatty acids for overall heart protection and health. Vitamins worked there way in to continue the improvement.

After workouts I noticed a sour stomach and began looking into a natural way to resolve this. I have always had stomach upset after strenuous workouts. Ginger became my answer and the problem seemed to almost resolve itself.

Joint pain started creeping in. My knees and elbows began giving me pain during and after my workouts. Capsaicin was the answer.

It was discovered very early that synergy between products was the real added benefit. Combining very specific portions of each ingredient developed synergy between ingredients that did not exist if taken individually. This turns out to be the "magic" concept for me and many other people like yourself.

I finally had a formulation that fit my needs. Friends and family began to ask what I was doing differently. I was able to exercise more intensely and increase my total output volume. I shared my secret and they saw tremendous improvement in there own bodies. Thus began the journey of sharing this formulation with You..

I began seeking out doctors and chemists to refine and improve the formulation. Well, it is done and available to you. It has taken years from concept to final product. This is only the beginning.The FOCUSon Group, LLC. is working on a multitude of additional products for your health and well being.

We hope you join our family!


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