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Just mix in a 16oz water bottle and go!

Nutrition DrinksFOCUSon40TM is manufactured to the highest standards available today. We manufacture FOCUSon40™ using only the purest biologically available products.

FOCUSon40™is a brand new formulation that contains all the required nutrients for the mature athlete and the adult over forty Please download fact, label and information sheets


FOCUSon40™ contains the following nutritional supplements in a patent pending scientific formulation:

  1. Proprietary Whey/Casein blend
  2. Carbohydrates for quick absorption into the muscles
  3. Green Tea extract for advanced antioxidant power
  4. Glucosomine/Chondroitin for healthy joints
  5. Vitamin complexes
  6. Capsaicin for advanced joint pain relief
  7. Ginger
  8. And more
FOCUSon40™ is currently available in an a 2.5lb container.
FOCUSon40™ in the 2.5lb container will provide about 30 servings. This would be more than enough product for 1-2 months depending on your training schedule.
Please do not confuse FOCUSon40™ with standard protein drinks available on the market.
FOCUSon40™ is designed with you in mind. As you age your, adult body has very different nutritional requirements. This is what prompted the creation of the FOCUSon40™ product line. Finally an exercise supplement designed for you. It is impossible today to find a product that contains the proprietary blend of healthy nutrients that FOCUSon40™ contains.

We only use 100% natural ingredients manufactured by our GMP certified manufacturer.

While FOCUSon40™ is designed for exercise enthusiasts, it is well suited as a General Health Formula
Most older adults do not maintain or achieve proper health nutrition. FOCUSon40™ contains all the essential proteins, carbohydrates and well being nutraceuticals that will keep your body healthy and running at peak efficiency. Even non Athletes will see an improvement in energy levels, joint health and an overall sense of well being
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